Catriana has left to return home today. It was nice having her around and i’m sure her use of the ducky will be missed by at least one during the livestreams. Now that family and friend visits are over, you can expect the commissions to resume in the morning. Especially as i’ve 3 with the new year as deadline! Can’t afford to miss another day at this point.
For now, Madea has written an additional story to the mist whale character Slainne. An adult story that is. If you’re for some of what Slainne does best, check out the story at this address.

As the year is incoming it’ll be time to remake an old artwork once again to see how things progressed on my skill level. Get ready with your idea of what you’d like to see redone for this upcoming saturday livestream. Preferably something that doesn’t involve a hordes of characters as i’ll only have a few hours to do it. Last year topic was chapter 10 cover being remade:


3 Responses to Smutty queen and remake idea

  1. Ian says:

    Do have any old pictures in the archives?

  2. Dalvyserran says:

    I wont be at the livestream, so I will post my idea here

    remake Chapter 9’s cover art