Hey fellow internet dwellers who are scouring the internet for content during this holiday season! I am at my work station, ensuring that there will be said content because i’ve a frowny face too when i look around and find that most of the internet has left. But if you here, and reading this, then have a happy holidays regardless. Or as i prefer to call it HAPPY STUFF-YOUR-FACE-DAY! Because regardless of religion and nationality, we should all stuff our collective faces on this day.
Now, me and kite will not be working tomorrow or the 26 for that matter. Actually kite is already on her holiday break. So starting tonight i’m putting up the holidays chibies. Meanwhile Darkvolt is also working on a special page for the ferals. And the daydreamers were told to just do whatever they want, like every year. Expect holiday theme stuff from them because , hey, that’s what people have in mind right now.

Oh and i was commissioned for a rush picture for this christmas. Sadly i could not complete it in time. 3 days proved too little spare time for it. But here is what i have so far.
To be completed after stuff-your-face day break is over.


7 Responses to Holidays and weddings

  1. partner555 says:

    Are they, jumping in joy?!

    • Catriana says:

      They’re flying! It’s part of an actual scene in FF14 for a new marriage system called Eternal Bond. In one you can grow wings and float up into the air at the chapel :D It’s really cool looking.

  2. Finn MacCool says:

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Tsuris says:

    I am looking forward to the wedding! XD

  4. Ra'tatosk says:

    Merry Cristmas all.

    Hmm.. Do the music emanate from their hind quarters?? o_O ?

  5. Gunbird says:

    Hope both of you got some good gifts.