Lunareth and Mau did 5 chibies strips for the holidays that will be used for wednesday to friday. Most readers will be too busy during the holidays and this will give an opportunity to make one page buffer as well as taking 2 days off. On saturday we have that special holiday stream too.
Speaking of stream i could not finish the piece i was meant to do last saturday. That doesn’t happen often but then that was a pretty big one and we cut the stream short of a hour.
The dual concept art for Catriana and Nerdycannuck.

With a giveaway for Farex.

And Lunareth own giveaway for… i forget who. Someone who really want Kelnoz to suffer i assume.


17 Responses to holidays week

  1. Ombreh says:

    NYEH HEE HEE *dumps snow on Kel’noz*

  2. Sonor Valillhardro says:

    please tell me they’re a couple

  3. partner555 says:

    Is Caelrot from Mimaneid?

  4. Again, great job on them Kern! I’m super happy with this double concept!!

  5. Catriana says:

    Poor Kel’noz and his wolfie drawers.

    I love how Nino and Cael came out. It shows the cute and funny side of their relationship which I was hoping for. So yay!

  6. junglefowl26 says:

    That’s what Kel gets for using Silice as an ice machine.

  7. Katrover says:

    Is Caelroth a Dark Elf? Does that mean Mimaneid have surface colonies, too? Or are a colony on one of the upper branches?

    • Dalvyserran says:

      Mimaneid has had colonies on the upper branches for a long time before Chel. Their colony-born are much older.