Catriana has arrived in the studio and tomorrow will feature much of her commissions as i will tackle a dual concept art for her and Nerdycannuck while Luna will do what she does best out of these two characters. It’ll be saturday 1hPM.

Now Darkvolt has returned today , giving us the opportunity for a daily challenge. he chose belly dancing:
Ariel isn’t much about shaking her butt.
While Dietra very much so:
Rayata had to be tricked to it:
And darkvolt’s character:

Someone on tumblr made a feature that check every posts made a year to see which one was most popular every months. It’s an interesting statistic to see what caught people’s attention.
Here is my result
The Fire emblem and Dark souls fanarts got overwhelming result in comparaison to the rest. But still, the lastest cover did very well! many lordpanther sexy commissions in there.


3 Responses to Belly dancing.

  1. LordPanther says:

    Yay, I’m helping.

    Looking forward to seeing even more stuff done next year.

  2. Moatl says:

    »…because I’m pretty sure it’s something pirates do, Rayata.«

  3. Greenwood Goat says:

    *claps along in time with the belly dance music* Belly dancing FTW!*

    Now I’m imagining Ash’waren waiting out in the wings, ready to sashay in and show them how it’s really done. And Mel strutting in to defend the Sarghress honour in this arena.

    Zala’ess: Hmph! A Vel’Sharen does not belly dance!

    Snadhya’rune: Speak for yourself, sister! Oh, and kids – belly dancing does not mean dancing with glee while inflicting abdominal injuries. Don’t get me thrown out of here!

    Snadhya’s various murderous protegees: AWWWWW! :-(


    *Fine Tummy Wiggle >:=)>