Today we received some bad news that affected us enough to disrupt the work. The page for today is yet to be completed and i don’t think it could possibly be completed before midnight at this point. I’m sorry. It ought be all the more important that we don’t let our professional lives be affected by personal news.
purrNew Canvas
Feral chirinide shall defend us in the meantime. By Lunareth.

Durlyn bonus panel was completed today.
And the sketch of Gem’s next page.


9 Responses to Purrrge the unholy

  1. AthenAltena says:

    I’m sorry for whatever’s happened, but if you need time to deal with it I think everyone will understand.

  2. Nori says:

    May you and Kite feel better soon, and I’ve got to agree that one missed update is less important than your guys’ well being, try to go easy on yourselves if you can :c

  3. junglefowl26 says:

    Being a little late for a free webcomic is no bad thing under any circumstances. Take care of yourselves. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Laerei says:

    Sarghress Candyland Raiders?!

    It makes so much sense!

  5. Dalvyserran says:

    If need arises to stop updating MA to sort this out, then by all means. We have the three other archives to utilize while we wait.

  6. Vilx- says:

    I think it’s rather unprofessional to not recognize that there are personal events that take precedence over work. If I’d work with a boss like that, I’d soon start thinking about polishing my CV. So don’t be hard on yourselves about this – it’s as it should be. Take whatever time you need, and I hope your lives get better soon!