This was a hectic livestream with random commissions, the great picarto chat apocalypse of 2014 and the B wars. Still in the end we had laughts and a lot got done.
For Tsukiko. Feature the real Lunareth being fed by butler Taldrin. Fear the claw.

B commission sketch. That got a massive party going on during one of the chat shutdown. Faen held a party hat event.

Almost-done concept art for Gem76

Acedraws concept sketch.

Giveaway for Mandomusing of Chiri long face.

Galladrielle impersonating Niphi by darkvolt.

Party hat bat joined in the fun by Darkvolt.

Chutulu cat would like to remind you that tentacle and cat do go together.

Shinae with dragon wings giveaway for Flag

Special alternative end to the current moonless age arc. Where Sabbror find the solution to peace. This special lunareth page is up on daydream!

There was a last picture by Lunareth, for the giveaway. But i don’t have it. It was manly waesoloth.

Kite did this miquote version of Kaito and Riz child at the end of the stream. Full of pink fluff.


On today’s livestream : Mayhem. For i don’t know what i will draw! Whoever is there who already have a commissions, speak up and i’ll sketch yours. Darkvolt will do his feral page. Lunareth will do a daydream special about Quain’tana and Sabbrror.
Want to watch, chat, or just hang out? Drop by our multistream.

Will be at 1hPM. Could’ve been noon but i’ve got some new livestream equipement to setup; Light umbrellas. It’ll help keep a good lighting for the camera and the green screen. Co-host are Lunareth who’ll do a daydream special, which you can influence. And Darkvolt who will do kitties as per his usual. Me, go figure, everything is urgent right now. So anyone who has a commission or concept , the most late it is, the better. Catriana’s and nerdy’s is saved for next week as she’ll be in the studio. 27th is the big special where Luna, me and DV are working with the master of ceremony Lordpanther to give the community special things ; no ideas what, i’m sure Lordpanther will think of fun ideas to get everyone involved.


8 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Metzger says:

    what’s up with the stream chatt?

  2. Ian says:

    Look like the old chat box was better than the new one.

  3. Ombreh says:

    Naal seeing mommy. All aboard the feels train! Shoo shoo.

    • SFI/Bwoman says:

      I thrive on other people’s feels and tears :D

      Please make sure you leave at the end-station and leave all your suffering in the train :) Thank you for traveling with Feels-train today