New concept for Razorburn.
Replacing the ch45 one.

Pitdragon has been drawing the Vloz’ress crew she is part on while we await their appearance in the story.
along with a concept art of her own.

And OXymoron has done a Faen in her schoolwork. Naughty Faen with bare shoulders and neck!


24 Responses to Zith on your face

  1. Sonor Valillhardro says:

    Does that mean that Zith is actually….hitting on Nehealanee right now?

  2. Dalvyserran says:

    Zith is actually quite similar to Awdri

  3. Razorburn645 says:

    It looks great Kern!

  4. Tsuris says:

    Zith looks great, she and Zannah would have a lot to chat about in the whole “I just want the money” ideology for the Sarghress XD

  5. junglefowl26 says:

    Hmmm…between Val fetish and money fetish, I wonder if the Sharen could get her to switch sides. That would be quite an interesting thing to happen in the comic I think.

  6. Ombreh says:

    Yay Nyo’ka’s crew!

    • Ombreh says:

      All that fabulous hair, then there’s Poncho. Derp.

      • Pitdragon says:

        Nin can lend out one of his wigs, in return for a rehearsal session from one of his old plays. Though Poncho might also get a whole makeover if Nin gets inspiration…