On the 27th december there will be a special holiday stream sponsored by Lordpanther. Where random things will happen , and likely requests will be made. All 3 of us, darkvolt, Lunareth and I will be putting aside commissions that day to do whatever crazy events Lordpanther cook up for the audience entertainement.

No dual concept today but i’ve finished Miburo’s!
Here’s the old one, which was one of the first concepts to be done 2 years ago. She did a good first impression i think, striking right when Kiel returned to the story after the time skip.

Now i’ve noticed that i didn’t finish Zith concept. So Zith and Angjs both need to be completed before i tackle the next commissioned page.


5 Responses to Holiday stream, Fame

  1. LordPanther says:

    *Insert Maniacal Laughter Here* I’m going to do all the things spontaneously.

  2. Mizukithepanda says:

    To be completely honest with you, I thought that Fame’s introduction was clumsy and kinda heavy-handed. The way she was introduced as Kiel’s “cousin” from the “good ol’ days” made her feel like an extraneous element that was totally out of place, rather than a character that was meant to be in the story. The way she was introduced actually made it very hard for me to grow to like her and consider her a part of things. Fortunately, her introduction doesn’t seem to have set a precedent for other cameo introductions, since you’ve definitely gotten way better at integrating them.

    Regardless, it’s interesting to look at her concept then and now. If I remember correctly, isn’t she getting yet another outfit to wear once the Turtle-riding group gets back to Chel? I’m looking forward to seeing what that looks like too.

    • Miburo says:

      Oh Fame is not getting a new outfit, there was a bit of confusion because I requested a new concept art at Kern (which you usualy do for a new outfit/design) but I just wanted the artwork. The new style of concept art is very dynamic and fun

      Besides, Fame already has a couple of dresses in her wardrobe, her first “armor-like” one, then she has a goat-like stage outfit and her current dress. got to stop now or she’ll become a diva :p

      Thank you Kern, great work as usual

  3. Greenwood Goat says:

    Sleeps and breathes goats, eh? Just so long as she doesn’t try abducting or molesting… unless she makes it really fun, of course. >;=)> And before she even thinks about it, I’m really not going to work as an instrument – I might go to eleven, but she’ll find me nigh-on impossible to tune, and the instrument case that can hold me hasn’t been made! >:=)>