Almost finished a concept art today . I’ll try to wrap both unfinished ones tuesday.

But for now, some amazing , well, amazing is relative , let’s say amazingly wrong in the case of the first one! It is an edit of Zala meet Quain’s page by Laerei. A lot of efforts was put into making it wrong.

And now for something quite interestingly not wrong! Propaganda posters by Kisame.




Love the motherkiller graffiti one, very relevant to the last page.


8 Responses to Propaganda gangster

  1. Laerei says:

    Where are the Kyorl’s “Winners don’t do taint!” posters? XD

  2. Lunareth says:

    Dat page is just perfect.

  3. Alric says:

    I died at reading the DMX song.

  4. Greenwood Goat says:

    Ah, the gold-plated desert eagle, the poseur’s weapon of choice.

    Chrys’tel (enters from the side with M60 leveled): Heads up, motherkillers!!! *opens fire*

    Shinae (pops up from balcony with SAW): Word on that!! *opens fire*

    Waes’soloth (steps from behind drapes, firing from a pair of Tommy guns): YOU BOZOS AIN’T FIT TO RULE THIS CITY! NONE OF YOUS ARE!!

    Snadhya’rune (drops in on multi-zipline rig, wielding custom twin-minigun setup): YOU PITIFUL FOOLS!! *opens fire*

    Kiel’ndia: Ah ha ha ha ha! BWAA HA HA HA HA HAAAAA! *pushes firing plunger on detonator* BOOM, BABY!!! *grins crazily as structure starts to collapse*


    Now I think about it, Tebryn’s ghetto blaster could do a lot of damage if suitably equipped… I am, of course, thinking of the Rickroll mod for Doom. As for propaganda posters, how about “Keep Calm and Carry the Truth of Sharess in your Heart.” from the Kyorls, vying for space with some trippy “Make Love, Not War.” posters from the Sullisins… and Fame prancing away having graffitied “SMASH THE STATE” over the lot. >:=)>

  5. Moatl says:

    Bringing by a ghettoblaster. This brings me back memories to the 1980ies! XD