No commission progress to show today. This fancy 4k screen made my computer crash twice today. Note that my work computer is not the kind to have that type of crash. At the best of my memory, this is a first. Turning off the 4k allowed me to wrap up the work day, however a chunk of workload was lost, so did a chunk of motivation! Hopefully starting a new game(Dragon age inquisition) helped releive my spirit today. The page’s lost work was redrawn so expect the usual update tomorrow.

Lunareth graced Faen with lipstick. So she may trap Ariel’s with love mark for all to see and laught about.

Starlitdragon strike again. With a new painting of the new holy mother in all her non-antagonist-full-of-love-just-let-her-take-care-of-your-childrens-alright.
Seriously, she’Ll eat your children, don’t give them to her.

I’m i being censored?
Trust the new holy mother, she is wise, pretty and Starlitdragon would like you to think so too.
There, no more censorship.


8 Responses to Faen lips

  1. Greenwood Goat says:

    Ash’waren: Finally… although you could try colour-matching it with your left eye instead – you are allowed to experiment when you’re young, you know. Now, perhaps you’d consider some colour on your cheeks as well, and something to bring out your eyes. And really, you should be thinking about permanent decals and hair colours as well. And jewellery. Get a nice pair of earcuffs at least, for Sharess’s sake. And yes… if you don’t manage to mark Ariel with a few stray lipstick marks, I’m afraid I shall have to look seriously at disowning you – I don’t ask much of you as a daughter, and we Sullisins do have certain standards of misbehaviour to uphold…


    Meanwhile, Valla’drielle is wise and pretty, but one cannot help experiencing certain doubts. At least you knew where you were with Shimi’lande…

    “I’m Shimi’lande, burn burn burn kill kill purge purge blah blah!” – Phani’lath Vel’Sharen in full parody mode (with the funniest line in the whole series, IMHO)

  2. Pitdragon says:

    DA:I I’m lovin’. Very pretty game, love the companions, so on so forth. Ah Varric…

  3. Jaibyrd says:

    *Keeps Wes away from the Holy Mother*

  4. SFI/Bwoman says:

    *must resist comparison between Valla’drielly and a certain group in feudal Japan*

  5. Hfar says:

    “Hey Ariel, what’s that on your neck?”
    “Really? It looks kind of like a-”