Concept art for Aerisa. Her Balvh engineer, the only Balvh cameo!
A reaction picture to Lunareth eating gummy bear this morning.

Kite did a portrait of Mau’s bunny.
And of a very happy fat cat! So fat, so happy.

Luna did something. It’s best left unexplained.

Xenon proved that Quaintana do exist after all.

And Drowtales isn’t 4K ready. look at that lonely login bar to the top left. My consolation is that nothing on the internet is 4k ready. Facebook is ridiculously unusable for exemple. That new monitor is the reference monitor, can fit a whole lots of references picture in a 4k canvas!
As to anyone wondering what 4k is, it’s the next standard after 1080p. 4080 pixel x 2160 pixel. Considering how long it took to move from 720 to 1080, i imagine it’ll take many years before 4k is widespread enough for people to demand 4k ready web site. It’s only this fall that monitors price fell down to a reasonable level, and that, during black friday.
YOu have a 4k? Here’s your new wallpaper!


7 Responses to Balvh engineer, fat cat, 4k

  1. Disestablish says:

    All Balvs are silly, this is apparently now canon.

    • Tsuris says:

      Franky resembles that remark!

      I mean resents it!

      • Kern says:

        Good thing you didn’t submit her as cameo, the clan would never have been taken seriously again. Sara isn’t helping either.

    • H'K'Maly says:

      Is it “only Balvh cameo” or “only Balvh they were able to get from the golems for long enough to promote”? … or worse, maybe she’s ALONE there. Except golems of course. She wouldn’t complain.

  2. Sonor Valillhardro says:

    Oh noes

    Quain’tana has acquired da war chickens D: