i am writing a page about the Sharen alliance and it’s time to put a Balvhakara cameo in… Then i see there’s only one balvhakara cameo in the entire list! So, Aerisa, yours get suddenly top priority because i need to draw her! Sorry to miburo and razorburn, your two come after. Then gem’s commission.

Today we revived the daily challenge with the theme of Monokuma, from Danganronpa.
Luna, who i think may have brought the character to a whole new level.

And i’ve finally posted the photos of my game collection over the weekend. If you’re curious what’s the result of all that collecting from the previous year up to september:














Photos of the game collection taken by my sister Karyne Gagné, before the arrival of most of the arcade cabinets. At the time of this post, there is 2100 games, 8 arcades, 82 consoles. (that does not include doubles or digitaly downloaded games) These are connected to two CRT tv, one 48″ for the old 4:3 games and a 52″ for those that support widescreen. While the modern game room has a LED hybrid 120″ projector. This collecting hobby begun in 2013 when i had a wave of nostalgia for my childhood games of the 80s and 90s. Which, like most people my generation, got rid of at some point or had played most of them as rental. Well, i’m getting them all back, and more! Games are my passion, my inspiration, what i listen to at work, what i talk about, what i draw for fun, so, it feel right to collect them. I may not play them all, but most of them are linked to good memories. Even for the neo geos , as some of these consoles were things i was dreaming to get as a child, but never could. Nostalgia, dream fulfillment, inspiration, it’s all mixed up with a goal to make use of the basement again. Which had been abandonned for years due to the house… issues. I couldn’t repair the house but i sure fill the basement with things that made us want to go down there again!

Many of those were thanks to you guys. Like Madea, Bast, Smokehammer, Jaybird, Tsukiko.


9 Responses to Monokuma, Game room tour

  1. Disestablish says:

    Wooooh Sharen Alliance!

  2. Sonor Valillhardro says:




    thats..thats a lot of games

  3. Jack Butto says:

    As a super fan of the Dangan Ronpa series, I love these pictures of Monokuma one of the prime evils in all of the games! You guys did an amazing work capturing how cute the teddy bear is, how sadistically evil and insane he is, and above all else, how god dang fun he is! I will probably commission some pictures about Dangan Ronpa from you guys soon!

  4. Jack Butto says:

    Also I have to comment that room filled with games is the equilivant of gamer heaven! I mean look at all those games!

  5. 'Lement says:

    That is ..Something like 150-200 games gathered a month?

    They seem somewhat like paintings for you, to look at and remember.

    • Kern says:

      considering i started in march 2013. more like a hundred a month. It was rather crazy for a while. Some big boxes from japan came with a hundred items each.

      Part of it, since the box collecting is for the arts on said box.

  6. FoxFeather says:

    WHOO! She is gonna be epic. I can feel it! ^.^

  7. Beau Barbare says:

    Omg Kern, You’re living in my dream home.

  8. MaryFirefoX says:

    Dat room!