Saturday stream will be at 10hAM and feature Kite and Luna as co-streamers. I will be doing the Tiply special and a concept art.

Zith is getting a new concept art, though the informations are nearly the same as before. Thus i tried to go push more the greed angle on this one.

A follow up on Rayata by Mau with adorable cheek squishing

And Kite did a new painting of Kaito

About the last news post, yeah the strikethrough wasn’t intentional. I blame a special character in the last post messing things up. Deleting it and refreshing fixed everything.


8 Responses to Zith’s greed 2.0

  1. sarogo89 says:

    “It’s all about the money”
    I like Zith. :D

  2. Razorburn645 says:

    Sorry Kern that was my fault with regard to the lack of character growth.

    • Disestablish says:

      Just make him scarred and manly for no reason like I believe Catriana’s. Add some angst and brooding to!

      • Razorburn645 says:

        I would hope to keep her inability to pronounce names and up play her greed as the focus for her loyalty.

        • Disestablish says:

          THAT IS A SHE?!
          But ya, lots of people do returning cameos with little changes, it’s no big deal.

  3. Tsuris says:

    I think Zannah and Zith would get along great XD

    They can exchange tips on the best way to extort money from people

    I mean charge totally legitimate prices for things like healing and defending people, yeah!

  4. Gunbird says:

    I’m working from 8-2. Hopefully I can catch you guys before the stream ends.

  5. LordPanther says:

    Well I suddenly have work so I won’t be able to make it. Hope you guys all have fun and look forward to the finished product.