Stay safe from BlAcK FrIdAy. Forget halloween, this is the scary day of the year!
Concept art for Thalar. This is an old returning character, part of the original raider crew during the Faen rescue.

And Maus second strip on Rayata.

and the livestream will be earlier on saturday!


13 Responses to Tebs

  1. Disestablish says:

    Uhhh… What’s with the lines through everything?

  2. Ombreh says:

    We done got striked. Slashedidoo.

  3. partner555 says:

    I remember Teb, almost didn’t recognise her without her helmet.

    • junglefowl26 says:

      I didn’t recognize her in red armor instead of raider armor.

      But it warms my heart to see good old Tebs again.

    • Greenwood Goat says:

      I almost didn’t recognise Tebs without someone for her to tower over! And now I’m imagining her using forced perspective to disguise herself from people, especially ones with poor depth perception.

      Rayata: Hey! Normal-sized blue-haired woman over there! You seen a huge blue-haired woman – like you, but bigger?

      Tebs: *shrugs* *dumb look*

      Rayata: She’s really freaking huge! You couldn’t have missed her!

      Tebs: *headshake*

      Rayata: …. *exit*

      Or, another scenario: Tebs is seated in a tavern…

      Drunk guy: Hey, girl, I keep thinkin’ we’ met before, but I can’t place ya… did we…

      Tebs: *gets up*

      Drunk guy: *stares at Teb’s breastplate* Ah… remember you now… *starts to cry, shakes violently, collapses*

      Tebs: *chuckles, shakes head, returns to her drink*


  4. LordPanther says:

    Everything is strike through.

    It’s all lies, even the comments.

  5. sarogo89 says:


  6. Laerei says:


    I could get used to this…

    And yay for early stream!