Mega news update but where’s today page? Whenever the great Kite-thulu awaken from her great slumber.
And the next commission on my to do list are Tebryn and Zith. They are urgently needed. Then i’ll do the next non-concept commission.

Alright let’s begin. Awesome fan work by Puddingpack

With an even more awesome web interface by Starlitdragon:
Surrender yourself.To her? No.
To the turtle. Another upcoming interface by Starlit. Involving turtle and Kiel.

Follow that to an extra page about Rayata who recently appeard in the story. About her spy skill, by Mau

I finished Pariel’s concept art. Not a cameo.

Shala death memorial by Kite.

Faen LOVE Beam shall overcome everything, by Kite. Sometime when we work we suddenly drop our pen and point at each other DBZ style and shout “LOVE BEAM” , followed by power level fighting and eventually one of us just explode… We’re mature adult beings…

and i did this Midna from Hyrule warriors as a warmup.

AND Darkvolt is back.

Let’s see, busy day. But everything is wrapped up in this news feed i think. Still need to tackle that bookkeeping ASAP. It’s really late at this point. Need to setup that we are feral buffer just in case. Need to restore Moonless update schedule to reasonable hours and days. And of course make as much progress on those commissions within the last 5 days of this month! Whew. While changing sleep schedule back to daylight…


6 Responses to Mega update

  1. Alphabet Soup says:

    Are Aravan’s scars from touching boobies that he shouldn’t? XD

  2. Disestablish says:

    Wooooh Darkvolt is back! Hurrah!

  3. Ra'tatosk says:

    LOVE BEAM – go on continue the fight, it’s a delicious to never grow out of it!!!

    Pfft, maturity is SO overrated!

  4. Gunbird says:

    Darkvolt is back. I hope he is alright.