Kite’s love for dancing cube knows no bound.

Sexy Quain’tana, well sexy is relative. Commissioned by Lordpanther. This is the cat-nipples removed version. The cats were deemed too sexy.

Handsome jack giveaway for Icecabbit

Concept art underway for Pariel.

The mighty saucage live! By the naughty kite.

Giveaway by Lunareth for – i don’t remember! But damn it’s cute. Yes we feel guilty for not having a happy story.

Giveaway by Kite for Rune.
On today’s stream, we have sexy Jiaan from Lunareth. We have a pirate page from Kite. From me you’ll have sexy Quain(mission impossible) and concept art for pariel. All wrapped up with a giveaway. Want to watch? Chat? Hang out? Fight on the bunny hordes for great glory? Then come on our stream.


12 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Disestablish says:

    Umph ya look at that sausage.

  2. swedish_kitsune says:

    Aww… Zhor and Octobear. We needs more of these heartwarming moments. :)
    (Catalope giveaway)

    • sarogo89 says:

      Actually I think it’s meant to be Ariel and Zhor. Completely anachronistic but still pretty cute.

  3. Moatl says:

    So, Kite has her cubistic phase, at the moment. Let’s wait for art better than the art of Piet Mondrian! ;)

  4. smokehammer says:

    Beaches and getting fresh with Sarv ??- wait a minute Pariel…. Ah man, it sucks I keep missing the live streams.

  5. Durlyn says:

    Quainy is the definition of sexy, just ask Ashie, or any true red blooded Sarghress >;3