Livestream will be at 2h30PM gmt-5. It,s curently 7h30Am so it’s the earliest i can manage. The pictures will be sexy Quain’tana(How!? XD) and pariel’s concept because he’s been waiting a while.

This week bring chapter 40 memories to mind, back when i had one concept a day to do for a month. Here’s to a full week of concept arts at least!
That one is for Xenon. As my arts improve, it means that doing an artwork has more details. Good things i find ways to do things faster as well to balance things out. My sketches being very rushed out is one of such tricks. Else i don’t think i could do one concept a day anymore.
As a reminder, here is what concept arts looked like in chapter 40 :

And a fanart of bravely default i did as warm up earlier today. With Darkvolt missing and the thing that happen to Luna recently, our small group couldn’t gather for daily challenges anymore. So maybe a daily fanart challenge could take it place until we can gather again.
The point is to draw things that are unusual after all. There’s plenty of artbooks on my desk to pick quick things to draw in the month to come.


7 Responses to Concept week

  1. SFI/Bwoman says:

    Hehe, like that new concept :P Seems like me, at times XD

    :O what happened to Luna then? I must have missed that :'(

  2. Disestablish says:

    Darkvolt is still MIA?
    Dang, I hope it is just downed internet.

  3. Pariel says:

    Dear god I hope she doesn’t befriend Kiel.

  4. sarogo89 says:

    I give Xenon 5 stars for the rainbow scarf alone. :D

  5. Hfar says:

    That’s a shame. I looked forward to seeing the wacky stuff you guys did during the daily challenges. :(