Mao concept art. More ship fodder for the Jie’yen x Balvhakara. So far so good for this week, i’ve managed to draw all my pages and keep up with 1 concept a day. Next is Xenon concept. On saturday i’ll do one of Lordpanther two livestream’s piece followed by Pariel concept.

also kite did these 2 adorable painting recently. Both FF14 related. Note what Kaito use as stool.



16 Responses to Bald and mute

  1. Disestablish says:

    In relic hunters, my Jie’yan is (Jokingly) being shipped with a sharen…. Hurrah defying the Balv X Jie’yan thing,

  2. Pariel says:

    I appreciate the deference after my last outburst (I was unbelievable mean and crabby during last stream, so please forgive me), but if you want, you may want to do something else, as right now I’m knee deep in studying (IT NEVER ENDS D:), and probably won’t be able to attend.

  3. Dalvyserran says:

    That poor demon brick

  4. Xenon says:

    Best for last!

  5. Tsuris says:

    Kaito making good use of the minion feature it seems X3