yeah i meant 2012, not 2002 for the web design in the prior post. 2002, no one want to see 2002 web design…
Frog face pirate for Mau. People do larps to live a fantasy, read books to escape reality. This rayata is no different ; she’s never seen the sea. Pirates are just as much a fantasy to her, if not more, than it is for us. But that’s fine, it’s just one more colorful face in that crazy society known as Chel.

Speaking of Mau. Because Darkvolt has disapeard, she is now working on the next page of we are ferals so we can have an update.

I was listening to a podcast about pixel arts and the artist mentioned starting by using existing game as base. So hey, just felt like spending 5 minute doing a little rpg sprite.


16 Responses to Froggy face

  1. Metzger says:

    Question, does she actually need the eye patch or is it just to be more “piratey”?
    and Vilx, good lord…

    • Alric says:

      She actually is blind in her right eye:

      Awesome concept art, Kern! Maybe the Marauders will make it back to the ocean with Rayata someday.

    • Greenwood Goat says:

      It’s been theorised that there might be another reason for pirate eyepatches. Pirates generally used smaller ships, for speed, manoeuvrability, and dodging pursuit down the narrow channels between islands – nothing big enough to have an enclosed gun deck, in other words. So the ships’ cannon would be secured on the main deck (covered by tarpaulins when not in use), while the cannonballs and gunpowder would be stored safely below deck. In a sea battle, people would be running in and out, with powder, cannonballs, small arms and melee weapons, going straight from the often brightly sunlit deck to the dim, cramped interior of the ship… where they would find it hard to see in the sudden dimness.

      But a pirate with two good eyes could put on an eyepatch as soon as the target was sighted, and then flip the patch back if they went inside, and use the now dark-adapted eye to see in the gloom. Heading back out on deck, the sunlight would spear into the dark-adapted eye, prompting the pirate to close it and/or flip the patch back down. Similarly, it could be useful going from a lamplit interior out into a moonless night. It would take a little bit of getting used to, but some old hands would likely have chosen this rapid adaptation over binocular vision, and left their patches on most of the time, whether on land or at sea.

  2. Ombreh (Katharos Ombre) says:


  3. Greenwood Goat says:

    Hehe, I’m imagining the major butt fans of the Drowtales universe holding whole conversations with Rayata’s tsundere ass. >:=)>