This is what matter, the start of a new chapter. And the return of Starlitdragon with her beautiful painted background work.
The above is wallpaper resolution.

Today is tsukiko’s birthday. Here’s her ferret sock thief.

And the daily challenge resumed at last! feel good to draw something quick. Alright for that day Mau chose fairy tale.
Now what’s inside the basket is up to your imagination.


16 Responses to Chapter 47

  1. Pariel says:

    And this is why you don’t let Kharla play God of War.

  2. junglefowl26 says:

    Welp…lots of nightmares for me tonight.

    Also, the Airel-Faen picture is just perfect. Perfect on so many levels I do not know where to begin.

  3. Greenwood Goat says:

    Caption for the top picture: Ill’haress Kharla’ggen returned to find that her favourite bath ducky had been trodden on. And it would require the artistry of a Starlitdragon to convey the magnitude and terror of what would follow…

    Meanwhile, who is that being stalked by the not-so-big Sarghress wolf? Is she some sort of Faen/Kiel hybrid? Fame’nidia in disguise, with the goatar concealed in her basket? Or just…

    Ash’waren (murmurs tight-lipped as she works with a small, ornate knife): This is one of the most sublime pleasures a girl can partake of, and it is long past time you partook, Faen. I have somewhat neglected you in the past, but this should make it up. Something few commoners can afford, anyway, and prepared from a prime specimen from my own gardens… I give you ORANGE PEEL TEETH! *peels back her own lips to show off her own orange peel teeth, making Faen start back in surprise* Good, are they not? Now, put yours in, like so, and then you can show them off to your friend the Little Wolf… You can wear this pretty red hood, and take this nice wicker basket full of toys… :->

    Bottom picture:

    – “Oh Grandma… what a thick pelt you’ve got!”

    – “All the better for stroking me, my dear!”

    And so Little Red Riding Hood stroked the Big Bad Wolf, all along his back, and scritched him through his neck ruff and under his chin, and rubbed his belly. Eventually he brought up Grandma, so that she could join in the petting too. And they all lived happily ever after.


  4. GEM76 says:

    Happy Birthday Tsu *\o/*

  5. swedish_kitsune says:

    Oh! Oh! Me! Me! I wanna braid Slainne’s hair :)

    Also, we are gonna need a follow up on Red Riding Hoods adventure with the Wolf ;)

  6. Dice Warwick says:

    if this means that Kharla is going to start acting like a leader, were all DOOMED!!

  7. Hfar says:

    Oh the humanity! Will there never be a day when socks can roam free without fear of the dread ferret?!

    And I’m going to guess that basket is filled with some of mom’s toys. After all, such a big bad wolf needs to be “punished.”