New Canvas
We are back from the convention and Kite is now working on finishing the coloring for the cover of chapter 46. On my side i prepared this last chibi/epilogue which just went online as well as working on the structure of the upcoming chapter.
Monday long 19 hours drive to return home ate away part of our tuesday , leaving little time. But at least there’s progress! We are feral and daydream script in the morning then i’ll work on page 1 of the next chapter. Expect concept arts to receive priority in the weeks to come.

As for the most unusual event of the convention, i’d deffitively point to the saturday 10hPM panel! Where panel had to prove they were 18+ to enter. Result? All the naughty came out. I’ve seen it all as writer of daydream , just never as much within such a short of period of time!


15 Responses to Back

  1. Gunbird says:

    Welcome back!

  2. Moatl says:

    Welcome back!

    I sometimes misread »Nekocon« to »Necrocon«. ^^° But, nomen est omen: Attending a con as an artist brings us some »dead days«. ;)

    • Laerei says:

      You read Nekocon as Necrocon because you secretly wish for a convention for necromancers. Because you are one! I’ve caught you now, you foul beast!

      But… uhh… where do you live? Gimme your home address so I can come and slay you! And you probably have a few damsels in distress in your basement or something.

      • Moatl says:

        -_- .oO{Wie sag’s ich meinem Kinde?}

        I think you’re quite imaginative. I think the real reason is that the radical „necro“ is written in German with »k« instead of »c«. Reading a foreign language is more difficult than a native-speaker thinks, often.
        May I suggest you to visit Vienna some day? It’s morbid charm might be attractive to you. ;)

        About my home address? It’s somewhere on the Danube between the humble mansions of »Victor Frankenstein« and »Count Dracula«; no kidding. :P

        • Kern says:

          Fine argument, necromancer, but Laerei has revealed you for what you truly are!
          Now please enough with summoning sparkly vampires

  3. Sindas says:

    Prove you’re 18+? Talk about a unusual reverse way to do things… :D

  4. Dalvyserran says:

    That could have been me waaaaaahhh ;_;

    Don’t forget about the Kyorl clan page too

  5. Ombreh (Katharos Ombre) says:

    May your poutine be plentiful.

  6. Hfar says:

    Kern has completed the Nekocon Ero Event. Kern earned +42 to his Ero Knowledge skill.