Here is the result of group hard work. 10 feet by 5 feet banner starting with space age, then followed by mist whale, moonless, Princess race and we are ferals. If you do visit nekocon this week end, you can look for us at the entrance of the artist alley to the left, we’ll be back to the wall, have a nice big shiny cintiq displaying our work live and that grey cat will definitively be there… or not. It’d be cool though. Come to our booth to pet the cat at a convention named nekocon! Genius, or i just need sleep. For now all daydream scripts were given to the artists, so updates will continues. Other members of the team will send 3 pages for the main archive during our absence so again updates will continues on that side. I will try to do some writing while driving thanks to my awesome wife(who now celebrate our 9th anniversary as a couple) who will take the notes. Because you know driving and typing on the laptop might be difficult :D.

The panels schedule is:
friday panel room 3 2hPM : Strong female characters
Saturday panel room 3 3hPm : Making imaginary worlds
Saturday panel room 3 10hPM(wow, late) : Insane audience requests . This is the one to attend if you’re a drowtales reader. as this will be basicly an all requests live streaming session. Everyone coming in will be given a sheet of paper to write their idea on which kite will then read aloud for me to draw. Each idea will be given about 3-5 minutes. And it’s the only panel where you’ll see Kite.
Sunday panel room 2 : Alternative magics in fiction.

So today was the third and last day of court. To be able to do some progress on work and be able to depart for the convention we had to depart 2 hours before it was over. But the testimonies and presenting of proofs phase was concluded. It went well, as well as it could be expected. Now it’s just about waiting for a judgement that’ll come in weeks or months. Regardless, this personal affair… or not so personal affairs considering we’re talking about the very house we acquired for this studio is the topic of the issue, is over until next spring. We can now focus on work, even if said work is now this week end convention!


6 Responses to Nekocon

  1. Synathra says:

    “and last day of court.” Thank Sharess for that. Hugs to you both and I hope the convention is less stressful somehow. Take naps. It’s called Nekocon so you’d think catnaps would be included in the schedule.

  2. smokehammer says:

    WOOT! Hopefully you guys have lots of fun and can relax at the con. (Cats at a cat con does sound genius ..and if they wont let you in the door, say da meow is a cos-playing infant. No one will ever know).

  3. Dalvyserran says:

    Unfortunately I can’t go this time. I work every single day and I’m not allowed to take days off.

  4. GEM76 says:

    Yeah I’m unable to go too :(
    I really wanted to go too but I broke my leg on Monday AHHHHHH!!!!
    Oh well I plan on visiting my parents in two years so if your there will stop by have fun at the con Kern *\o/*

  5. H'K'Maly says:

    Driving and typing on the laptop might be not only difficult, but also dangerous. Please drive safely (I realize I’m writing this too late, so drive safely next time :))