The banner for Nekocon this week end. It’s being printed at the moment so i do not know how it’ll look in the end, but i hope it’ll be eye catchy.

Now we managed to squeeze 2-3 hours of work this morning before going to court for day 2. Which mean the last page of the chapter could be put up, albeit flat colored. On my side i’ve a partial chibi page done that’ll likely go online tomorrow.
Now as to day 2 , well , quite exhausting. Bad morning session followed by a good afternoon session that rewened our hopes. Wish us luck for the third and last day to come! It’s our wish to end this at last so we can return to work. Work is relaxing when compared to that, heck livestream marathon are relaxing!


12 Responses to Banner and day 2 court

  1. Gunbird says:

    Man! Those banners look awesome!

    And I hope you have fun at the con. Hopfully that which out the all the crape that accumulated at court. It’s never like the movies and tv shows.

  2. SFI/Bwoman says:

    YOU CAN DO IT!!! *sends all the positive energy to Kern & Kite*

  3. Mizukithepanda says:

    I must admit, I’m curious…. what are you in court for? (If it’s too personal to bring up, I do understand, though.)

    Regardless, I wish you guys luck and lots of rest, relaxation, and enjoyment after it’s over. :)

    • SFI/Bwoman says:

      I believe they were sueing the previous owner/seller of their house cause of that whole ‘need to replace EVERYTHING’-thing because of the horrible state the house was in and of which they got no warning whatsoever.

      • Mizukithepanda says:

        Oh man, that sucks. Having a house fall apart on you is a really shitty thing to go through. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. At least they had the ability and opportunity to take the previous owner to court over it instead of being 100% stuck. :/

  4. FoxFeather says:

    You can do it, Kite, Kern! And once it’s over, STUFF YOURSELF WITH MUFFINS! Muffins make everything better =3

  5. CutieSquiggoth says:

    Good luck Kite, Kern. I hope things go well for you both.

  6. Obsidian Agent says:

    While most of the art on the banner is fantastic, the way Space Age Naal’s back is drawn reminds me a little too much of a Rob Liefeld drawing. Granted, it’s nowhere NEAR as extreme as Liefeld’s art, but it is a little jarring.

    And good luck, Kern. Court sounds like it’s a bitch. Hope you and Kite pull through.

    • Metzger says:

      yeah, it does look a bit…off, but otherwise all of them looks great!
      Makes me wonder, how would Dt characters look if Liefeld was the artist??

      • Obsidian Agent says:

        Oh God, now I’m imagining Baliir going around with tons of pouches on his outfit, and Faen’s back bending at an acute angle. It’s so wrong it’s funny. XD

        • Metzger says:

          Not to mention that all the main characters would suffer from youngbloods disease and constantly grit their teeth for no reason

    • blackmyst says:

      xD I actually did the boob-and-butt pose especially to spite the internet. ;p

      I think some people hang around Eshergirls too much and get this warped view of how the human body should look (ironically precisely like they accuse artists of doing) where, if a torso isn’t perfectly straight like a plank, it’s suddenly “impossible” or looking “broken” or somesuch. Not talking about you personally, just the general internet populace.