Paypal had an issue from the 1 to 2 november where none of the recurring subscriptions worked. Resulting into many relic hunter access stopping to work. I’ve contacted paypal about it and they’re now processing them. how long it’ll take for them to finish processing, i do not know. But if your account is affected, send me an email.
I assume that starting a new subscription just failed for those two days.

And now on the personal side of life. we were in court from 8h30 to 5h30. I stood answering questions for 5 hours straight. I’m beyond poop. The type of poop that i’m associating with 12+ hours marathon livestream. No time or energy to make a chibi page, and of course Kite having come with me also don’t have time to color…the last page of the chapter. I know terrible timing, just one page left! I hope tomorrow we can manage to squeeze the time to get this page out to you.


16 Responses to Paypal and court

  1. Lunareth says:

    Everyone will understand it was pooply tiresome and stressful. Just sleep 12 hours and regenerate!

  2. Alric says:

    Hope things went well for y’all, and that your can get your energy back quick for updates!

  3. Laurie says:

    I can’t even imagine having to answer questions for that long. I’m really sorry you guys had to deal with that and hope that all this is behind you now. :)

  4. Pariel says:

    Don’t worry. I was one of those affected by paypal hijinks, but fortunately, cancelling and resubbing did work.

  5. Disestablish says:

    Ya, Paypal has been wonky lately.
    And I hope the house thing works out without further pooping.

  6. Sionyx says:

    And here I was getting mildly annoyed. You’ve had one heck of a day. Get some rest!

    • Disestablish says:

      If you get annoyed when they miss or are late updating… You have to recheck your values…

      • Sionyx says:

        I said “mildly” and didn’t use sarcasm tags because I didn’t think they’d be appropriate. Me getting annoyed by a story not progressing is just how my brain works – I need to know how the story goes. However, I also don’t complain when something I’m not paying for doesn’t provide an update when I would prefer it. My post was more in appreciation that Kern was telling us why the next page is delayed more than previously expected. Sorry if that wasn’t clear.

      • Kira says:

        Don’t want to be rude, but Kern runs a small business, meaning… he has customers through traffic and subscriptions this site brings him. So, if potential clients or paying subscribers to Daydream are annoyed… they are allowed that right. As this IS Kern’s business/studio and it’s hard to juggle personal things with business at times… but as a business/studio leader, it’s his responsibility to prevent it impacting his front line as much as possible. Even if it means a taking a few days off and being up front about it.

        Customers tend to be less annoyed/irritated when people are more forthcoming with issues and saying, “Hey, I need time to catch up, altering the schedule to allow some breathing room again.” Then, “#YOLO, we’ll update when we do.” Especially with little information that gets posted on the news section.

        Not everyone is on the forums and in other areas who seem to be apart of his immediate friend/fan group area.

  7. Sonor Valillhardro says:

    Ugh, going to court is the worst. I hope you guys got sushi afterwards or something.

  8. Xenon says:

    Dang Poops! Always pooping on the party, never regular, people telling you to eat more Bran! Nobody likes bran. It tastes like cardboard.

  9. Tsuris says:

    The pay’paal clan continues to be the greatest threat to the Relic Hunters, can no one stop this menace?!

    And you two should get some rest and look at gifs of cats being huge dorks to recuperate

  10. SFI/Bwoman says:

    All of the earlier comments. I suggest some nice choco and pizza (that Kern does not steal this time) to recover :3

  11. GEM76 says:

    Yes get some rest Kern we will wait :)

  12. CutieSquiggoth says:

    May the court rule in your favour without any additional appearances, and may any actions taken against the other party be successfully completed in a timely manner.

    Rest Kern, we can wait :)

  13. beau barbare says:

    That might hve been what happened to me, for a while I had paid for but couldnt log into Daydream. I havent checked to see if it was fixed. Idont want to add to the problem.