Started calm but we still reached 50 participants today. Hope you enjoyed hanging out with all the luigi madness going on.
First is the sexy leader sullissin edition for lordpanther.
ch47 KyudoshaLuigi
two concept art that got luigified. Also got catified once but that i did not save. No worries i’ve the original and they’ll be inked properly This all happened because i somehow forgot how to draw.
Giveaway for Risushi
Giveaway for Dice By Luna
Luigi by Darkvolt
Gun with bird by Darkvolt
Giveaway for Dakla by Darkvolt

And the cover of chapter 47 was drawn before the stream. I only need to flat color it at this point. But no time left. Monday is a big day :(
Today on the multistream we have Lunareth doing a halloween dietra followed by a commission for Khora. Darkvolt will be doing his we are feral doom in a box page. I will be doing sexy leader Ash followed by a concept sketch. All 3 of us will be making a giveaway later this evening. Want to watch, chat or just hangout while 3 ball of productivity smash through this saturday? (Hint hint Lunareth) Then come on our picarto page.


10 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Disestablish says:

    The horrible face failure was the best part of the whole stream, that’s for sure.

  2. Laerei says:

    Something tells me people want to see more Kel’noz in the comic. :D

  3. Ombreh (Katharos Ombre) says:

    Of course I missed out the Luigi madness. The one saturday I had to skip. Guh. *watches replay*

  4. kitdarkmoon says:

    Awww…I missed it. Kudos to both LordPanther and Kern for the Sexy Ashie. She looks amazing! Been waiting for her since I heard of the commission. I’ve really got to get my net back so I can join once more in the livestreams. I always miss the best ones.

  5. Moatl says:

    Great tits are really bad birds.
    The’re already sieging the feeding in our garden. :)