(Livestream saturday 2hPM. Featuring sexy leader Sul edition and a concept art. If you,re wondering about the cover for the next chapter, well, i need to start it around 3hAM. Way too early for livestreaming…)
Today luna encouraged me to draw something for fun. How? By feeding me octobear cuteness.

Which made me draw this.octowitch800
Ever since Kite had draw that octowitch version of Ariel i wanted to give the style a try. Does it look like Kite arts? Kind of, pale immitation, it’s ought be cute though. Maybe that flat colors technique can be applied on some future commission works.

And to complete this halloween, Gem76 has sent this trick or treat gone wrong by hpanda. I wouldn’t trust those apples if i were you Faen!
h-panda_halloween_colors (1)
Thanks Gem!


6 Responses to halloween

  1. Thrair says:

    Sadface. Stream starts at the same time as my shift at work.

  2. Disestablish says:

    W-why… Why do the tiny Ariel and Faen have boobs, nipples and revealing costumes… I’m… Ya.

  3. SFI/Bwoman says:

    Sooo… Who is streaming what with you? :P