Today it’s all about the wonderful world of Daydream. A section which became an integral part of Drowtales and which now 6 years old!  Madea(writer of archive 2), suntiger(archive 3) and me(1 and slavemaster) get together to talk about the various things that make daydream great…and bad.


3 Responses to Drowtales podcast : Daydream

  1. kirio says:

    Great podcast! It was really interesting to hear the discussion of the difficulties of translating the options into comic pages. It would be nice if a summary of that could be put in the FAQ or a helpful hints section for how to write options that are easier to script.

    There was a lot of talk about failed or confusing options. A question for Kern, Madea, and Suntiger: Can you recall an option that won a vote recently that both surprised you and worked very well in terms of depicting it in the comic?
    If you can, what was the option and why do you think it was so successful?

    I wish Kern’s mic had been set a little louder. He was hard to hear and Kite was nearly impossible to hear.

  2. kern says:

    vista and my microphones(including the new usb one) doesn’t like each other. This was the best volume i could get after a hour of tweaking.
    Regarding your question. for me, you can tell when the options are good when multiple ones happen at the same time. Archive 1 had 3 options going on when Lilith entered the spaceship sharess. And i think there was something like 5 options going on when Kiel built her golem in slavemaster. In that case, so many options that are compatible give a nice flow to the story that the readers created by combining their wishes(probably by accident).

  3. Finish says:

    I listend to this podcaste till the end and it was very funny. It was also interesting to hear what Kern thinks about DD. So there are still plains for a third space age story – that’s great, I like the setting. Perhaps this time a human war story.

    Oh and it’s true sex sells. I just found DT while I’m looking for Drow-Porn, too. XD Came because of the Porn, stayed because of the story. ;)