Kite is overtaken with inspiration to make these cute painted style chibies. She even made a wallpaper version of the octopi Ariel if you wish to use it.

Gem76 sent this beautiful portrait of Faen and Ariel relaxing. I do not know the artist but she definitively has skill.
Faen LRF
and luna’s pushed the warship Sabbror x Quain further with this warrior princess quain chibi.

Today i’ve not worked on commission. Actually barely made progress on a page at all! For today i had to change schedule and it was the last day to do the nekocon preparation. Another day and the flyer printing would,ve been too late. Here’s the result, pre-proofreading.






Promotional work that was sent to the printer today.

i do not share it here to try to advertise but to show what work goes behind promotion at a convention. These are 4.5×5.5 card-like flyers for Nekocon in 2 weeks. Why that odd size? Because it’s bigger than the normal business card and thus will stand out but it’s not too big as to being a hassle. At least it’s the goal.

First is for Daydream. The goal is to get people curious and Dietra is good for that.

Second is for Moonless. PLaying with the front and back rivalty to setup the curiosity.

Third is more direct promotion, especially with the patreon icon. So instead i went with the cute factor appeal. Darkvolt drew these two artwork just for the promo!

As few text as possible is best when making these.

From my tumblr post earlier.

Daily 20 minutes challenge was set by Mau with the theme of dancing! And for this, yes, Kite joined us for the first time! And blew us away by animating hers.


6 Responses to It’s too cute, Flyer, sleep time, dancing

  1. H'K'Maly says:

    I think you have it reversed, Snadhya’rune wants to set the world ablaze, while Quain’tana … ok, she wants that as well. Well, where else you want to build new world than on the ruins of the old one?

  2. Hfar says:

    Look at dem sweet dance moves!

  3. Vilx- says:

    Do you want feedback? Because this is how you get feedback! :D

    I won’t comment on the grammar because you’ve already said that this is pre-proofreading. However the “13” with Quain in the background looks like “19”, and that’s already a design issue.

    Other than that – nice! :) Good luck with the printing! :)