You thought you could handle cute. But then, you haven’t seen Kite’s work today.


The main commission of the stream was for Durlyn, of an halloween special.
Unfortunately the picture was not approved. I’ll do a second picture to compensate for the trouble.

Giveaway for Junglefowl

Luna’s giveaway for Anop of genderbent Kel’noz

Darvolt’s gift to Guilty carrion

Darkvolt’s giveaway to Icecabbit.

On today’s livestream we have a feral page from Darkvolt, a daydream page from Luna, a halloween special from me followed by a concept art. To wrap things up, 3 giveaways at the end of the stream. Want to hang out? Come to our chat.


9 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. Hfar says:

    Halloween chibies? What fresh cuteness has Kite wrought?! Also, much swag.

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Oh noes! Kountess Kalki has risen from the grave! VADE RETRO, SATANIAS! You will not suck the creme filling from the Twinkies of the living!

    (Oh yay!!! Durlyn has risen to commission another Halloween pic! AVE BENEFACTOR, PATRONUS ARTIUM! You deserve a candy-coated hug from everyone!) >:=3>

  3. SFI/Bwoman says:

    Shouldn’t Quain be happy that Kel is a female now? :P