Great Erelice tribute by the one cocobeef.
Starlitdragon and Catriana created this character for a side story and eventually she got around to leave her “mark” on the world. Out of her squad, only one survived the chapter.

And on the story topic. I finally wrote “The end” in my script. I’ve still 3 epilogue page to write but finally, i can set in stone where it ends. No more extension, no more extra drama. You’ve seen … most of the bloodshed. There’s just that one more to go.
And because of this i can say with confidence : Saturday the first, i’m drawing the cover of chapter 47 on livestream. Bad news is of course the 3 to 5 i’m in court, then 7 to 10 i’m at nekocon… so that’ll put a jam(strawberry?) on actually putting it online right away. I’ve been thinking the guests artists could be given the tasks of choosing a character they like and give them an epilogue for the current chapter. To make it more relevent.

Sketched Artsyshan/piratedworks commission. To be completed friday night. Saturday is still the halloween special.

Today for the 20 minutes daily challenge, i chose “Google yourself” from a misundesrtanding of Mau’s suggestion:




14 Responses to Erelice tribute, google yourself

  1. Tsuris says:

    Erelice got fanart that means she’s safe right?


  2. SFI/Bwoman says:

    The script of this Chapter, or the script of Drowtales?

  3. Sonor Valillhardro says:

    Chapter…46? Or the end of drowtales? Q___Q

    • Disestablish says:

      Chapter! CHAPTER!
      Hence him mentioning right after he has an assured date for ending this chapter!

  4. Greenwood Goat says:

    So Ariel didn’t find out about the fae character in Shakespeare’s Tempest, or the “Lion of God” in the Bible. “Faen” actually came up in a discussion on suitable Danish swear words in Stand Still, Stay Silent recently. I would have thought poor Kiel would have come across some pages on Richard Kiel’s most famous role as Jaws if she looked far enough. And as for poor Inten, you should have said something! There must be loads of people out there who’d be happy to intern -er- slashfic you!

  5. waffleferret says:

    Whew !I thought you meant the end of Drowtales! Now that I think about it , I remember when I started reading this comic when I was 13! That was 8 years ago! I can’t believe ya’ll are still holding strong. :-)

    • Kern says:

      That’d be weird for me to do concept arts for a chapter after drowtales end, with drowtales cameos. That would imply i’m disturbed…
      Which could be.
      I’m talking to a ferret who is also a waffle.

  6. Trijanus says:

    hehe, if you google for Kiel in the germanspeaking countries then the first page you usually get is the wikipage for the the german town Kiel


    There you go Kiel, the germans like you so much they named an entire town after you :D fandom can be scary

    even their town emblem looks a bit like a scourge mask, you should use that design Kern ^^