Because one of them is just a sketch.
From Tsukiko to Khora. It was supposed to be a chibi but the double meaning was more entertaining when drawn as full proportions. Instead the tiktikkis became babies to compensate for the cute. Basicly this is Snadhya tempting Malag(khora’s character) to join her faction.

Warning, naked boobies. But it’s Ariel boobs so… nothing too lude. This one is for Farex who wished the early giveaway sketches style replicated. If people want that style again i’m fine with it.
So what could prompt that scene to happen. Well Ariel would try to do anything she feel Quain’tana think she should do as true sarghress. She saw Quain training naked, assumed it was the right thing to do. Spoke about it to Faen whose ears probably perked so far up they looked like cat ears. Went out, tear off her shirt and challenge for sparing. Dietra join without hesitation. And everyone else watched…


9 Responses to Double commission day

  1. Khora2150/Laioken says:

    Many thanks Tsukiko, I think Malag’nafein would be easily swayed by such a generous offer of adorable baby tikis xD.

    I hope you enjoy Taldrin’s appearance in the upcoming chapter :)

    • Tsuris says:

      Would the cute tikis be enough to offset having to work with his sister and the light elf who killed some of his crew? XD

      • Khora2150 / Laioken says:

        They are awfuly cute, besides Malag did try to kill both of them and kidnap grey’s daughter. So that probably equates to fair. Sorta xD.

  2. The14th says:

    Gotta admit, I’ve always though tiktikkis were adorable.

  3. HoneyBee says:

    Harsh ! XD Ariel’s boobs are very much okay. Well~ maybe not for the DT world. lol

  4. Greenwood Goat says:

    I was going to say that those are a fine pair – the sort I would to stroke and play with. But I was wrong – it’s even better than that, with three cute tiktikkis in the basket… and with Snadhya using both her hands to hold it, her guard is, by default, down, so I should be able to- Oh, Snadhya’rune! Such cute little critters! Coochie coochie coo!! *reaches behind self to grab axe*