Not much to show beside progress on concept art. Today is Catriana’s turn:
Why extra manly? Because the harder facial lines were part of livestream entertainement that Catriana requested to stay. Kite says vycil met a manly wall.
So next is Artsyshan commission which got delayed enough. I want to do Tsukiko mini commission and the sketch of Ariel that someone commissioned a while back too. Saturday will be the halloween special.

Still need to prepare for nekocon too.3 flyers and chapter 47 cover need to be done. Still hesitating wheter we just print the cover as is for our big banner or have it be part of a collage with many other artists. Each a 2 feet wide by 5 feet tall strip. Chapter 47 in the center. But then mist whale, race, space age, we are feral and naga around it.

edit, how dare i forget the most important event of the day, nay, month. Octobear creation, by lunareth:
It’s Faen and Ariel baby. tentacles hair of Ariel meet bear Faen.


9 Responses to XL manlyness, octobear

  1. Tsuris says:

    Oh he’s still got Lok’s mask


  2. CutieSquiggoth says:



  3. partner555 says:

    Who’s the brother? What clan is he in?

  4. Pariel says:

    Okay, I guess he can check in Lind’s gentlemen poker party No Kiels allowed, then.

  5. Disestablish says:

    You wanna know how I got these scars?
    … Tried eating steak with a sword well drunk… And on chocolate… Well half asleeep.

  6. junglefowl26 says:

    Come on Quain, even you can’t resist that level of adorable!

  7. Shoedrinker says:

    “But then mist whale, race, space age, we are feral and naga around it”. That’s bound to turn some people’s heads toward your booth.