Hope everyone enjoy the continuation of the most bloody chapter yet. We’re nearing the end at this point with everyone being injured in some form. Some worse than others. I’m sure a bandaid is going to patch Lulianne’s up…
As to today commission work ; none. Not even time for a 20 minutes challenge. These kind of real life drama are so draining that I look forward to the return of our regular routine as a relaxing possibility ; even 12 hours work day is relaxing in comparaison. That return to routine is likely happen only once the court battle and Nekocon is over early november. I do not wish to pass this as a complaint however, more of an explaination to the commissioners as to why there’s delays. When that fateful week arrive, Luna , Darkvolt and Mau will take over the main archive. I expect a lot of mayhem to happens.

but hey, there’s a mighty ship that got colored today for Bwoman by Mau:


7 Responses to Warship

  1. Ikaika Kekai says:

    Okay, I must be really out of the loop, whats this about a court battle?

    • partner555 says:

      This is the first I’ve heard of it too.

    • sarogo89 says:

      I’m remembering this from a while ago , but I think it has to do with the house they purchased , and currently live in , being condemnable (or nearly so) at or near point of purchase (condemn meaning that the government will not certify it to be lived in) .

      Now it’s not necessarily illegal to sell condemned property , however doing so without informing the purchaser of the issues of the property, or making a check of due diligence on the property, or outright lying about the properties condition is however (or at least it is in my country). I assume that that’s related (but not necessarily the whole problem) to the walls having to be replaced and such a couple of weeks back.

      I assume that the above paragraph is what is being argued out in the court , along with compensation amount (if any) which will be rewarded for this .

      Now back to Waes/Kel’noz lovings .

  2. sarogo89 says:

    Good luck with the court case . With any luck/ several miracles it’ll be resolved quickly finally and in your favor.

    “Kel x Waes”
    Ohhh my , Waes you cradle robber . *blushes*

    • Sfi/Bwoman says:

      All drows are cradle-robbers at one point >:|

      Just let us all enjoy the sweetness of the picture… *dreamy look*

    • sarogo89 says:

      “All drows are cradle-robbers at one point >:|”
      If they get to live long enough it’s indeed almost unavoidable .
      “Just let us all enjoy the sweetness of the picture… *dreamy look*”
      Such an intimate setting . Especially with the strawberries . *blushes*