Concept for the new We are feral participant : Lucky

Concept art chapter 47 for Code

Put them together to get a ninjacat, maybe?
Also yes i’m still alive, just sick.

Waes’soloth by Blackmors

Snadhya by Kisame


11 Responses to Cat and Ninja = ninjacat?

  1. partner555 says:

    So it WAS Reka. So she was transferred from Fallen Legion to Assault? I thought the Fallen Legion don’t do rotations what with them being an elite assassination squad.

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    But… cats are already basically ninjas. So, if you combined them, you’d get Super Ultimate Ninja Kitty! Don’t bother looking for shinies any more, feral folk, S.U.N.K. already has them! (Not the best acronym, I know…) Where did all the No More Lost go? One guess. Indeed, if you have something that this feral wants, your chances of keeping it are pretty much SUNK… >:=)>

    Kalki: My unique staff weapon! Gone!

    Quain’tana: OUR sword! How did this happen?!

    Ydna: My sword… claws… knife… knife… dagger… dagger… dagger… razor… letter-opener …how?!?!

    Niphi: …….MOOOOM!! *sob*

    Snadhya’rune: My tiara! All my fine things! …Including most of the stuff I need to complete my plans! Only… only the ugly things remain!

    Steeve: *!offended!*

    Faen: Well, it looks like we’ve still got most of our weapons – combat damage and all! *hugs shield*

    Chirinide: Possessions are fleeting! Function over form!

    Ariel: Any of you Nids need to borrow a knife? Blade first? Well, I think you do! Don’t all rush at once, now…


  3. Sfi/Bwoman says:

    *ahem* WAES! :D

    With those kind if scenes I am always equal parts squeeing and heartbroken.

    Ish always sho cute :3 Sadly, Kern messed up the happiness! >:|

  4. Ian says:

    Get better soon Kern.

    Nice job by th…..Were the hell did my stuff go!!!