Welcome to livestreaming sick edition. Thanks for dealing with our coughing and wheezing @_@. It was pretty bad by the end. Still, quite a few pics got done today.
Unfinished concept for Code. Will complete by wednesday.
Concept art for Midevi
Giveaway for strosssus
Outfit concept for Catriana
Adorable badasss chiri for Lordpanther
Giveaway for Varzil
True Snadhya’rune
Cute Myona
Giveaway for Isiaacortez
Where’s the feral concept? It’ll be finished later today.
On today’s livestream menu we have Darkvolt on feral concept art, Lunareth on chibi and outfits and me on Artsychan’s commission followed by a chapter 47 concept. Because i am quite sick at the moment, there may be less talks today. If you don’t mind my zombie nature, drop by the stream to watch, participate or just lurk like the ninja you were always meant to be.


6 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. partner555 says:

    Is that Reka the fallen legion who appeared in Ch40?

    And Betor is such a pessimist like the previous Vloz cameo.

    • Ombreh (Katharos Ombre) says:

      Different flavors of pessimism. “Okay boss whatever” versus “S-s-sorry” He’s a cutie, I shall hide under his bed.

    • Midevi says:

      The previous cameo is more blaseĀ“ (uncaring) about everthing then he is pessimistic. Be’ on the otherhand actually does care about everything, but is constantly preparing for and fretting over the worst possible outcomes. He’d be the type to look at the sky and if he saw a single cloud say it looks like its going to rain. Provided of course, he knew what the sky, the cloud, and rain were.