Livestream will be at 1h30 with Lunareth and Darkvolt. My artworks will be for Artsyshan followed by another concept art of chapter 47.
By Lunareth for Lordpanther.

Progress on cutysquiggoth big commission:

Today’s challenge was “Breath of Fire”
Darkvolt’s (Who finished coloring it later. It took 2h30)
Catriana who need to play the game someday ;)


3 Responses to So much pink, so much frill

  1. punzil504 says:

    Is that Valerie Valley’gurl? Wow… haven’t seen her since Chapter 11. ;-P

  2. Sionyx says:

    Oh, yay, the whole family from three before things went downhill for them! Nice to see Teepo enjoying himself with his brothers.

    And I still love the Nau-as-daddy pic. The whole “gotta pee” is just priceless.

  3. Greenwood Goat says:

    So much pink, so much frill, and a surprising variety of places to hide weapons, I’m sure. I expect those boot spikes are spring-loaded or poisoned or both, and the hat would explode on impact if thrown.

    Worse than merely DOOMED, it looks like poor Nau’kheol has been DOOMesticated. And what’s the betting that “Batman” will swoop on him if he fails to produce a meal on time, singing demands for “dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner” in a constant loop, while the rest inflict many a SOCK, POW, WHINE and BAWL on him. >:=)>

    Nope, don’t know Breath of Fire. But I can see how its appeal would cross over to fans of Drowtales… (casts eye over cute kitties and nicely-drawn nagaess). Maybe I should play the game someday too! >;=)>