Today’s stabbing page has the highest facebook activity as of yet.

Now that i finally can settle down with no interuption, i could make some commission progress. Starting with the first concept art:

Luna did a Ninit concept art but was unhappy with the expression she tried to make. I contributed with a kissy face. because everything is better with kisses:

Today’s daily 20 minutes challenge was chosen by Luna and it is “cooking”
Mine’s. Hadn’t time to finish.


And the last arcade of the year is a Ms pacman:
Perhaps in spring i’ll go out hunting again but for now let’s focus on chapter 47 , Nekocon and resolving our house issues.


15 Responses to Of Doormat and little bear

  1. FoxFeather says:

    WHOO! The start of new concept arts! That is SO exciting, I can’t WAIT to see them all and for mine to be done! ^.^

  2. sarogo89 says:

    Big eyebrows . Neat .

  3. Pitdragon says:

    Ah, a fellow Nyo’ka follower!

  4. Pariel says:

    I have to say, he fits the vloz crew better than i thought he would.

    • Ombreh (Katharos Ombre) says:

      Poncho: Fit better in Vloz than wolf’s belly. Tried Sargh first. Wolves smell better inside.

  5. partner555 says:

    Who does Poncho belong to? He is such an amusingly pessimistic character.

    • sarogo89 says:

      He seems to be appearing next to Nyoka in the bottom right corner .

      • partner555 says:

        I meant who’s cameo is he.

        • Disestablish says:

          Kathros Ombre, is this sad little man’s owner

          • Ombreh (Katharos Ombre) says:

            Bonsoir, I am Poncho’s… creator person. I am very pleased with the result, VERY pleased. However I will need to notify Kern that the eyebrows are meant to be white, but if he can convince me he looks better this way, then he’ll stay that way.

            There was also a joke about him being Naal’s father (Kern started it), so I thought a good title would be Naal’s “dad”, but I will keep Poncho’s belief that he somehow fathered Naal (Truth or Insanity? Who knows) as a roleplay element since cameos are meant to be background red shirts.

            I noticed too late the Kunai has a too-short handle and there’s sharp edges where his hands will be, but I will blame the Vloz’ress blacksmith for making weapons that hurt the wielder.

            PS: Poncho not sad, could use better bed, maybe more sugar.

        • sarogo89 says:

          “I meant who’s cameo is he.”
          You know that seems obvious in hindisght . Ah well no accounting for brains .

  6. Mute says:

    O: an untainted Vloz! Have we seen any of those yet?

    • 'Lement says:

      Kuso, pre-timeskip

      • Ombreh (Katharos Ombre) says:

        Kern gave me permission to be untainted if my character was recently… hired. Poncho has a bigger risk of getting tainted by something horribad later, but it makes things interesting. However, he’s guaranteed to be red eyed if he hangs around the Vloz’ress for over a year or something, that clan has a miasma.