Everyone is happy with the stabbing convention going in the main comic? That climax took a while to build up.

Today,s challenge was selected by Darkvolt. “Egyptian gods”
Bonus fat cat batman


12 Responses to Stabbing

  1. Hfar says:

    Oh yes. Unbelievably satisfying that stabbing is. And a long time coming.

    Beautiful artwork all y’all! T’is interesting seeing how every OC reacts to their new godhood.

  2. Vilx- says:

    As long as Snadhya stays dead, I’m happy. :D Shame about Lulianne though, I liked her.

    • Greenwood Goat says:

      The heart’s a bit further up, and, recalling the damage it took to finish off Kes’sen, she might not actually be dead or even on her way there. Also, knowing her, she’s probably got backup plans…

      – “…you …you think you can kill me that easily? Just… destroy my body, and that’s it? It would be amusing if it wasn’t so painful… but that is all in the past now – while I, as ever, am not. You see, I have another body waiting, a magnificent and mighty fusion of Jaal’darya and Bhaklava technology. Gaze, fools, gaze upon Mecha’snadhya’rune! DUN DUN DUUUN!”

      – “Did she – it – just make her own “dun dun duun” sound?”

      – *smug* “Of course! This body is fitted with specially tuned air foci…”


    • Kern says:

      No zombie Snad?

      • Vilx- says:

        Not unless it’s Ariel who summons it back and controls it. For science. :P

      • Greenwood Goat says:

        Perhaps Khal’harror could make her into a companion for Bob the Chicken! >:=)> But yes, that could be another backup plan: if she can’t taint everyone, she’ll spread zombification instead (nature and transmission of said zombification TBA), and remake the world that way!

        Snadhya’zombie: braaiiiins! I’ve still got the best braaains! *smug*


  3. smokehammer says:

    Phat Bat Cat? His lil buddy can go by Goblin. Yeah, Phat Batcat & Goblin.

  4. Alphabet Soup says:

    Maybe someone should do a chapter recap consisting mainly of stabbings ;P

  5. Ian says:

    Oh No! Faen ate too much cake!