Commission for Lordpanther but also featuring demon bast and mad seamstress Luna. The bath tube is the fat cat.

Darkvolt finished the we are feral cover. It’s up on the site.
Kelnoz x Waes for Bwoman by Mau. She didn’t had time to finish the daydream artwork unfortunately.

I forget her name, but overseer lady by Darkvolt for smokehammer. I was in a rush when that one got done.

Chibi for Nightwing. It was really a race for time as i had to leave to get a rental at 6h and well, i was still inking this at 6h!

On today Livestream’s menu is a daydream page by Mau, a chapter cover by Darkvolt and sexy kharla pinup commission from me, followed by the first chapter 47 concept art. There will be giveaways today but the stream will end early at 6hPM. If you want to watch, participate, win a request or just hangot. Come by our multistream.


12 Responses to Saturday stream

  1. sarogo89 says:

    “I forget her name, but overseer lady by Darkvolt for smokehammer”
    VidhiYani I assume .

  2. Disestablish says:

    Boooo on all you people who keep winning by competely fair and random drawing!
    A pox on the lot of you lucky and not at all cheaters!
    I want… Uh…. Wait…. I have no clue what i would ask to be made if I won… >.>
    SHut up!

  3. Hfar says:

    Must. Resist. Sir-Mix-A-Lot reference.

  4. Ombreh says:

    I just wonder if there’s any recordings of Picarto streams. I would like to be able to watch them when I miss them. I know that there’s no recordings at all unless there’s Premium and even then, you have to move the last recording yourself before the next stream.