Tomorrow’s livestream is at noon up to 6hPM. First it’ll be the next sexy leader pinup which is Kharla. Followed by the first concept art for chapter 47! Who shall it be? I don’t know! :D… not yet anyway. Kyorls and Dutan’vir are first but Hfar doesn’t have a concept. Second is vloz’ress. So anyone who has a vloz’ress cameo with concept and who is there at the right time will get their done live from beginning to completion.

No progress today on commission work as i geared myself up for a travel this weekend. Such thing as getting my hair mowed. Losing 3 pounds of grey hairs is very important for traveling. it make the car lighter, and thus faster.

Today’s challenge was chosen by me, most pretty potato of the day. The topic is “Meeting your father, gone wrong”. Which is completely bias for i was discussing with Luna that Dietra ought meet her father : Beer pillow. I wanted to see it happen.
mine:(yes it’s incredibly rushed, but think about it ; 20 minutes, 7 characters = 3 minutes per characters)




No catriana today. Starlitdragon is plotting a sailormoon Turtle. Beware.


5 Responses to Meeting one’s father

  1. Ikaika Kekai says:

    Beer-Stein Sempai? Wait no that doesn’t work…does it?

  2. Disestablish says:

    I am hard pressed to decide if Kern’s or Luna’s is better….

  3. Midevi says:

    Hope the webcast goes well this weekend..

  4. smokehammer says:

    Beer pillow? That looks like a regular beer to me *is confused* (but prob not as much as Die)

  5. Dalvyserran says:

    Not the buzzcut noooo