Cutiesquiggoth second commission progress is of Nau’kheol as a husband in the owl clan. Many babies to take of. Here is the sketch.

Starlitdragon continued the Sailormoon crossover theme with sailor wolf. Will there be another one to come? Might be, with that daily challenge, there,s bound to be someone who bring it up eventually.
She fight bear by moonlight.

Blackmors did a casual Nishikanta through her own daily challenge:

Nekocon panel are confirmed! If you’re going to show up at the convention in november, here is what i’ll be participating in:

Strong Female Characters: More Than Just a Big Sword.
panelist: Lost Nova, Drowtales, Snow by Night, Tangent Artists
description: Butts, boobs, belly and oh so tiny chainmail. Is there more to female characters than a cheap magnet for the male reader’s eyes? Join us to discuss some of the worst examples of misuses as well as some of our greatest picks. With a bit of self-introspection thrown by in our panelists comic creators.

Alternative Magics in Fiction
panelist: DrowTales, Snow by Night, Ianua
description: Magic is a staple of the fantasy genre whether it’s the One Power of the Wheel of Time, the spell hooks of Amber, or the prepared spells of Jack Vance. But magic can take many forms such as the summoning and binding of Goetia and the three-fold practice of alchemy. Join panelists Yan Gagne of DrowTales, Eric Menge of Snow by Night, and Amanda Gomes of Ianua, as they look beyond the standard systems of spells and explore alternative magics.

Making Imaginary Worlds
Panelist: Snow by Night, DrowTales, Amya
description: Making Imaginary Worlds Middle-Earth, Westros, Azeroth, Dune, the Forgotten Realms, Hogwarts. These are more than just settings; they are characters in their own right. They shape the stories and in turn are shaped by them. Join award-nominated game designer Eric Menge, Savannah Houston-McIntyre of Amya, and webcomic artist Yan Gagne of DrowTales as they discuss how to make breath life into a setting and make compelling imaginary worlds.

Insane audience all out requests attack
Panelist: DrowTales
Description: Ever wondered what a velociraptor with a top hat, riding a tricycle across a nyan-cat rainbow bridge over a volcano, looks like? Me neither. But it has happened and may happen again, for today it’s insane audience requests attack time! Write your idea as you enter, and you might see the lovely Mary Garren read your ideas during the panel. Those will then be drawn live by Yan Gagne. One idea after another, until the canvas is fully covered, the panel ends or our shared Nekocon hivemind bleeds for mercy.
Oh yeah, and we do comics for a living, hi!

There was a challenge again today. This time the most beautiful was Lunareth and she chose character waking up with coffee. Darkvolt is absent today. Come on darkvolt, we want our kitties!

Lunareth: (yes that’s quain’tana!)



9 Responses to Sailor wolf, casual nishi, Nekocon panel

  1. Disestablish says:

    Cutie, seriously. Stop making me love you with these art ideas.

  2. Greenwood Goat says:

    Yay for Sailor Wolf! >:=3> She really looks the part, with that cool moonwashed background behind her! Now, which bear does she fight, and how? If it’s our favourite Faen-bear…

    Sailor Wolf: WOLF POWER OF THE MOON!!!! (AUROOOO!!!) *moons Faen*

    Sailor Bear: aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!♥!♥ *floored by the sight*


    Yay also for Owl’kheol and his cute little owlets! I wonder, does he catch them if they fall out of the sky, or jump out of their way? (‘Cause that’s the only way they’ll learn…) Anyway, just keep on having these art ideas, Cutiesquiggoth, and let the course of events resolve itself… *waits for Disestablish and others to start exploding into starbursts from overexposure to teh cute* >:=)>

  3. junglefowl26 says:

    Fun fact: Quain is actually a nice person, she is just very grumpy because she hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in centuries.

    And man, all the clans want Nau to father their babies. There will be wars over him in the future.

    Also, gratz on the panel – I can hardly think of anyone better to talk about this subject. I particularly like how drowtales has a matriarchy that isn’t an over the top utopia or dystopia, but a place with very real reasons for its problems and successes.

  4. Moatl says:

    I don’t know which »morning-Drow« I love more; Kern’s or Luna’s.
    (Mau’s is good, too; but the others have a better punching-line.)