I really need sleep right now. I’ll read the comments and update on cameos tomorrow. For now, have some bears.
Me, Luna and Mau are setting ourselves for a 20 minutes warmup picture every morning for a while. See if we can get ourselves to be more productive early on int he day. the idea came after we drew those sailor bears at the same time.


13 Responses to Sailor bear

  1. Starlitdragon says:

    Drowtales/Sailor Moon crossover needs to happen again xD I’m really loving Sailor Moon Crystal right now~~

  2. GEM76 says:

    What Sailor moon is still playing I thought that was so 90’s XD

    • Starlitdragon says:

      Sailor Moon is being remade! the remake follows the manga more closely. You can catch it for free on crunchyroll~ there’s a half-dozen episodes out.

      • NerdyCanuck says:

        I still have to watch the most recent episode. (The last one I’d watched was Jupiter’s first appearance. It was so awesome!)

    • Kern says:

      Everything get remade in time. not so long ago it was the 80s, now it’s the 90s.

  3. Greenwood Goat says:

    So, what about Sailor Wolf (Ariel)? And I suppose we ought to have Sailor Turtle (Kiel’ndia). Sailor Phoenix (Chirinide)? Sailor Penguin (Sillice)? I think, though, we’d better have a queue here to audition for Sailor Owl. And another one here for Sailor Naga. And have a serious think about how to arrange things for Sailor Feral…