Thank you for this successful cameo roll call! Your characters will be sorted out and saved. Unless you contacted me by email previously, i will not be taking more cameos for the upcoming chapter.
What does a cameo entails? It is your character in Moonless age next chapter fulfilling a role that is open. Be a soldier, diplomat or simple servant, there is always a role or another that would normally be taken by a nameless character. Instead of this nameless person, it is yours instead. Some cameos end up being part of the crew and thus get more spotlight. These happens from time to time as the story require. You may end up with two pages with your character, just as you may end up dozens. Focus on making the best character for the story to ensure the highest chance of this happening.
What is the upcoming story? A meeting of two armies. Sharen alliance and Sarghress. Upon Vloz’ress territory. With sabbror approach there is parley to come. What will go wrong, what will go right, this you will have to wait.
Will my character die? It’s always possible. Main characters are not safe, neither is yours. Though some roles are safer than others so if danger is a problem, please take the less risky ones.
Can i have a character that fit neither of the faction? Yes , special roles are possible. But only on request and pending approval of the character. You must be on the livestream to get your character approved before purchasing such a role.
What are the known roles?
Risky roles:
-Koil’dorath 5 members squad. Already all sponsored by Khora.
-Sarghress Quain’tana’s dragonslayer guard. 2 roles .
-Vloz’ress Nyo’ka’s crew. 1 to 4 roles
-Vloz’ress Ni’bai’s crew. 1 to 4 roles
-Vloz’ress Kiel’s crew. Returning cameos or approved characters only.
-Vloz’res Larvova’s crew. 1 to 4 roles
-Sharen alliance. Those ready to fight from Balvhakara, illhar’dro , jie’yen or zala’s sharen. 2 to 8 roles
-Sarghress assault legion. unlimited
-Dutan’vir warrior. Approved characters only.

Safe roles:
-Home guards and raiders sarghress. Returning roles that met Ariel’s squad are encouraged to be there. Unlimited roles.
-Zala’ess’ familly. Extended familly that does not wish to fight. Unlimited roles.
-Kyorls warrior . Approved characters only.

Steps to get a cameo in chapter 47.
First : use one of the two paypal link below. With or without concept art. Note that if you chose to not use concept art you must provide a reference.
Paypal form closed

Second: Answer all these questions.
-Mana affinity (no special powers allowed)
-Martial abillity
-Physical appearance
-Equipement set. Armors will be given depending on the role you choose but some customization is possible.
-Quirks, minimum of 2, maximum 4. This is very important as those are the character’s flaws. These will make your character stand out and feel more alive than any powers , abillity or tragic backstory. Speaking of which, no backstory , they’ll never be shown in story!
-What expression represent him or her the best
-What activity represent him or her the best

Third: Foward the result to with cameo chapter 47 as the title.

Fourth : Await your concept art and appearance in the story! Thanks for your support.

Today is the big day. We open the upcoming story for reader’s characters as cameo. For the first few hours i will be doing a promo artwork for this event while discussing people’s characters. As soon as it is done, it’ll go online with the form to allow people to submit their character. Note that this isn’t a free service , cameo is a lot of work to juggle with, a work that’ll last months. But it is also a great way to support the upcoming story while becoming part of it. The cost is 150$ per character. 200$ with concept art.Once the cameo offer is online i’ll move on to finishing Catriana and Bast’s concept arts.
Meanwhile Kite will finish today’s page. Lunareth will be doing Lordpanther’s commission.


21 Responses to cameo stream

  1. Dice Warwick says:

    well, I got the pay in, I just don’t know if I got Finol back in on Larvova’s crew, I could not get the vidio feed on my phone, so I only had the chat box to go by.

  2. partner555 says:

    Btw, I missed the finalisation of the list, who got the dragons layer roles?

    And did anyone get a Kyorl cameo?

    • sarogo89 says:

      “the dragons layer roles?”
      Some very unlucky people .

      • partner555 says:

        Gah! Typo! I meant dragon slayer!

        • Tsuris says:

          Suuuuuuuuure you did

          • Disestablish says:

            I am Roargar!
            Layer of mighty beasts and men!
            I have spanned the lands! Laying evil where ever I go!
            I have layed minotaurs!
            I have layed witches!
            I have layed tyrants!
            None can stand before my mighty spear, layer of all who come before m-
            Huh? What do you mean the word is “slay”
            What have I been saying this whole time?!

      • junglefowl26 says:

        You may laugh, but the Dragon Layers are an essential part of the Sarghress war machine.

        Originally founded and commanded by Mel’Narach, the Dragon Layers were tasked with seducing enemy assests in order to obtain vital information or encourage enemies to defect. (Or, at least when asked if that was their purpose, Mel replied “Sure, why not?”)

        Despite exacting standards, with every female member being personally interviewed and tested by the commander personally (male members generally being inspected by her lieutenants), the Dragon Layers were sadly ineffective in their assigned goals in their early years.

        However, with the reorganization of the unit under the command of Mel’s brother, Kel’noz, they became a vital, if seldom discussed, asset in the buildup to the war and the war itself. The increase in effectiveness is generally attributed to the commander threatening to “never do that special thing again” unless he got what he wanted.

        Others argue that the success could be attributed to Dragon Layer soldiers deliberately getting themselves captured and displaying an exaggerated “helpless prisoner” persona to create a false sense of security before springing their trap and taking control of the situation.

        For more on this fascinating unit, please tune into DayDream.

    • Kern says:

      Hfar got it.
      No one took dutan’vir.

  3. Mizu says:

    I wish I had the money to spend getting a character in this, it always seemed like it is so cool to leave a mark on something like this.

    • partner555 says:

      Asking Sarogo/Mek/Anop or Khora might help. They have paid on behalf of others who couldn’t afford it before. Just this last one, Khora sponsored a whole squad as said right up there in the roles available.

    • sarogo89 says:

      It’s a lot harder then you’d think to give away free stuff . Never find any takers in time .

    • Kern says:

      hope you’ll get the chance someday!

  4. vernes says:

    Home guards and raiders sarghress. Returning roles that met Ariel’s squad are encouraged to be there. Unlimited roles.
    Perhaps I should stop trying to get Slyand’iss away from his guard duty.
    I’ll just wait till the story passes through Sulissin’rune again.

    • Kern says:

      well sullissin and sarghress are intermingled at the moment. It’s my fault for not being clear enough , that people can submit sullissin for that position, as long as they have millitary roles.

      • vernes says:

        So Slyand’iss the Sulissin’rune Dome guard can show up?
        I had no idea.
        Is there still a place for him?