Changing sleep schedule from night to day is difficult. gem’s commission page is now partialy shaded but still not completed.
More importantly, will you look at this?
Cutiesquiggot sent a treasure trove of chocolate to us!! O_O thanks Cutie.

made a cute Kiel traditional art piece.

Plushies by tsukiko have arrived safely today. We love that Fat cat plushie! Well done Tsukiko.

It’s package week. For Catriana sent us two dreamcast games in this package! Psychic force and Jojo Thank you Cat.

And finally today Darkvolt did a private stream where spellfarting was involved. So i did a 5 minutes pieces to commemorate the event. Spellfarting is OP.


9 Responses to Spellfarter

  1. swedish_kitsune says:

    Timtams… I have heard the legends of these mythical items of much noms, but never did I think they were real…
    Fascinating indeed XD

  2. Hfar says:

    Let me just say I am jealous of your new found chocolate hoard. And yes, spellfarting is most OP. Plz nerf noa.

  3. CutieSquiggoth says:

    You received them! Wai! *bounces happily* I’m so glad *giggles*

    Let me know what yours, and Kite’s favourites are, so I can do a more targeted pack next time :)

    Kitsune-chan, jump date is 11-Oct :)

    • Kern says:

      So far minty oreos cookies. But then we only tried 3! The red spicy crackers, the chewy candies and those cookies.

      • CutieSquiggoth says:

        They have names you know Kern! :p Try reading the outside of the packet, if you can remember which wrapper went with which biscuit by now that is.

        So far it sounds like everything is your favourite :) Wai!