First kite is curently sick. If need be i’ll help color the pages so we don’t miss updates this week.
120 pages later, after one giant half a year long story which script is now novalla lenght, it’s finally time to open the next chapter. Think of it as a meeting of two armies to discuss terms. Sarghress on one side. Sharen alliance on the other side. Both standing on the Vloz territory. What could go wrong? What could go right? For that you,ll have to wait. But for now, you get te chance to submit your character to be in any of these 3 factions. The last and only chance left in 2014 to do so.
If you want to be sure to get a role, show up on saturday’s livestream or check this news feed after 3hPM east this saturday.


19 Responses to cameo

  1. GEM76 says:

    AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!…..I can’t be on the stream cause freakin Bahrain blocks streaming videos but I want one Kern. :(
    Oh by the way shouldn’t she be riding a rubber ducky. XD

  2. LordPanther says:

    I’m so excited!!!

    Get Well Kite.

  3. Sionyx says:

    Get well soon, Kite!

    …I can either spend Saturday at the county fair or on a stream for cameos. Why must you have these events when I can’t be there?! *pouts* (turns off sarcasm mode) Maybe another time…

  4. partner555 says:

    Wait, unlimited safe roles, is it possible to have more than one cameo this chapter!?

  5. KittyH says:

    Oh I wish I had the money for this! One day…. one day I will

  6. vernes says:

    Aww, no Val’Sullisin’rune involvement in next chapter.
    Slyand’iss will remain on guard duty I guess.

    • sarogo89 says:

      Siyandiss : Yep sure am fulfilled as a person with all this guard duty . . . . man I wish something exciting would happen , I don’t care what it is . . . . .
      Ashmita : Hello , I have some flowers to bring in . And freshly baked cup cakes . Have one !
      Siyandiss : Alright awesome !
      Poor Siyandiss . Just wanted something to happen .

  7. Vlashrod says:

    I’ll make one ^^
    I have already something in mind but i’ll try to write iy with a intelligible english x)

  8. Dice Warwick says:

    oh come on, why this week, I’m doing a 9-5 on the 27’th, one of Larvova crew is going to be missing… unless the position can be put on hold, I’m good on the cash.

  9. Vlashrod says:

    After some brainstorming and reading i’m not so sure about this news.
    Does the call is for new characters in the story or it’s for already existing cameos ?

    • Dalvyserran says:

      New or existing. Existing is preferred because kern already has something established for you. You can also sponsor an existing non-cameo character, which would get you the best results if you’re looking for continuity, imo

  10. Sonor Valillhardro says:


    • partner555 says:

      Yes, we get to finally see your patriotic cameo, I’ve been looking forward to seeing her in the comic.