I knew for a couple years that this time would come. Our home has serious issues that’ll force us out of our work stations when the renovation begins. And may even force us out of the house entirely for a day at least. When it this soon? This week, i just don’t know which day. We’ll aim not to interupt the updates of course. Especially since we’ll need people support more than ever during that difficult time. But i’m concerned that there may be one canceled livestream at least by the end of october; As they’re working on tearing our walls, it’d make for very poor audio. Note that when i say no wall, i truly mean no wall seperating our work space to the outside. And interestingly enough, they begin exactly where my desk is! However hilarious it’d be to livestream with the autumn’s wind in my face, i doubt it’d be a productive time.
Hey, we’ll have no walls but at least Space Age updated! :D

Done inking the page. Next is colors. Yes the backgrounds are far from pretty without the kite’s touch.


7 Responses to Studio without a wall

  1. SFI says:

    Out of curiosity, why do the walls need to be torn down?

    Kinda sad we don’t see you draw with leaves swirling all around your head :P

  2. Pariel says:

    Kern, please, tell Kiel to stop tearing your fourth walls. They’re costly.

  3. Moatl says:

    »…tearing our walls, it’d make for very poor audio…«
    Kern, I love your sarcasm. Keep your ears stiff, and live long and prosper.

    Somehow, this and today’s SpaceAge page somehow reminds me to the pub I had dinner, tonight in Frankfurt, today; keeping both doors open. ^^
    BTW: I found out, that you don’t find a ATM at the ECB, just yesterday. ;)