CHAPTER 46 is officialy novella lenght. The script is 33000 words long making it the longest script of all the chapters. Unsurprisingly , also the longest chapter in page count.Thalar who serve as editor noticed this meaningless yet entertaining fact.

just to show i’m making progress on gem’s commissioned page. Tomorrow i’ll finish inking it. Wednesday i want it flat colored and background done. Thursday finished. Friday i want to work on finishing one half of Catriana concept. Saturday is the cameo day. Maybe i can finish Cat’s second concept then? We’ll see. Which mean cutie second commission is monday. Busy busy.

Kite made many drowtales character for tomodachi life. A 3DS game where you populate an island with characters in a sim like structure. If you want imports some of the characters. Check her thumblr . She even posted pictures of ariel confessing her love for Faen. Since both them and Kiel&Nau are a thing in that game, nintendo obviously wanted it canon.

Last time it seemed many were curious about the arcades cabinets i acquired. Here’s the new one:
A sega hang on with 3 motherboard in it, all of them big. It’s filthy and the power supply is dead, but, that mean it was very cheap to get. Deffitively worth it if i can fix it.


6 Responses to Novella, gem’s page, tomodachi, arcade #3

  1. GEM76 says:

    I’m Bat…errrr….Drow-Man =^-^=

  2. Midevi says:

    Hmm, apparently faen is curse word in Norwegian when used in interjections.
    Akin to wtf and “go to hell.” I guess that’s why she couldn’t export until the name was changed.