There was more people today. And i hope to see even more of you next week for the big one ; cameo week end.
Today Darkvolt started the day with something hard to beat. Kiel’s butt. Look at that skinny goodness.

Turn up that this month mark 10 years since Kiel spoke to the readers in an experiment for a different style of exposition. Had you ask me back then what is exposition, i would not have been able to answer. It was the early years and a whole lots of things were being brainstormed. This experiment is one of the thing that people reacted positively to, and thus stuck over all those years. By the end of the first arc Kiel was the most popular character. And thus, here is Lordpanther sponsored special for this event.

Catriana’s dual concept art for her and Bast. To be completed later this week. It’ll need 2 more days of work.

Giveaway for Sarai by Mau.

Giveaway for Guilty carrion by Lunareth. The cuteness is overwhelming. That’s it, Snadhya is getting defeated for this to happen.

Giveaway for Catriana, who won the giveaway during her own commission! But the first winner was Oragie who did not step forward to claim his or her prize. Leaving me to re-run the randomizer.


Kiel anniversary special, concept arts for Catriana and Bast, Mist whale page and felde race page. With 3 giveaways at the end. This is what we shall tackle today with the returning Mau as co-host. Want to watch us work, chat or just hang out while you draw your own work? Then drop by our multistream page.


5 Responses to saturday stream

  1. LordPanther says:

    Happy 10 years of Crazy Kiel Exposition

  2. Ikaika Kekai says:

    All hail the butt of the High Priestess of the Infinity Turtles!

    • Disestablish says:

      You betray George with you words you filthy heathen! Bitey shall suffer at lease two shovings for this. At most a bitten ear! FEEL FEAR HEATHEN!

  3. partner555 says:

    Ooh, nice, another double concept. This is the second one right?