We’re plotting our panels for Nekocon 2014 that’ll take place in november. So far it’s 3 group panel and 1 special panel. World setting, magic and female characters in comics for which several different webcomics will join up for. The special one is my old crazy audience mass requests thing but i,ve had an idea to make it more streamlined. people will be given slip of paper to write their ideas on, for which kite will pick from and anounce the idea that i will then draw. Better than everybody lifting their arms and people at the back ending up ignored due to the chaos.

I got an urgent and private commission this week that took priority. Private meaning that i can’t share it. But here’s a thumbnail anyway.
Lilith is doing something daydream worthy. Too bad it won’t end up on daydream. As to the next commission. I’ve gem’s page to finish. Cutiesquiggoth had a second commission. There’s the Kiel anniversary special on saturday and concept art for Catriana.

I forgot to mention that Lunareth next story is up on Daydream. It’s about Die’tra’s mother who has to prove her word regarding a mist whale she once saw. It’s Luna so expect a lot of sexy and crazy expressions.


10 Responses to Nekocon, Lilith, mist whale

  1. Hfar says:

    It would seem that Die’tra’s bombasticity and massive tracts are a family trait.

  2. SFI says:

    Gah, I wish I lived in ‘Murica or something so I could come to Kons… ;A;

    Say Kern, I wanna do a Commi (gonna wait until after the Cameo’s though, so don’t worry) and I am wondering… Do animals also need to get paid for, or do they fit in ‘Decoration’. Cause I would like some animals in the pic, but would help if I know how much I can afford.

  3. LordPanther says:

    So busy but such quality, keep up the good work Kern.

  4. CutieSquiggoth says:

    Keep my Commission for later Kern, there’s no way I’m waking up early enough to catch it on tomorrow’s stream. Sorries