Ydna holding a bloody tea party with Ariel’s arm and Chiri’s head. Yes that’s the commission, i didn’t add these in.

Potato Faen by Tsukiko for Gem.

I did a first review of an arcade game earlier this week for a retro gaming group i’m part of. But there wasn’t enough feedback to justify continuing, so this graphic is the first and the last! Little fat cat is meant to symbolize wheter something is good or bad.


5 Responses to Bloody tea party, delicious faen, double dragon

  1. Hfar says:

    Hrrrm…well one thing about Ydna, she certainly seems to be a-head in keeping this tea party well in hand.

    And goodbye little kitty graphic. Your time was short.

  2. sarogo89 says:

    Ynda got a happy ending after all. :D

  3. Greenwood Goat says:

    Who should Ydna invite next? How about Naal’suul?

    Ydna: You’re not supposed to grow bits back when I’ve cut them off! And stop assimilating my other guests! X-(

    Potateddyfaenbear is cute! And my first thought was “loop velcro at the end of her right paw, and a (foam plastic?) shield with a pad of hook velcro on the back”.

    Faen: Velcro?! Sounds a bit like it’s tainted… *backs away*